June 20, 2019
Cases, Strings and Accessories


Pedi, Bobelock, Bam, Musilia, Maple Leaf, Eastman Strings, Howard Core, West Coast Strings, and more


Dominant, D'Addario Prelude, Helicore, Zyex and ProArte; Thomastik Spirit, Vision Solo, Titanium Orchestra, Titanium Solo; Peter Infeld, Infeld Red; Obligato; Pirastro Evah Pirazzi, Gold, Olive, Passione, Tonica, Chromcor, Eudoxa; Spirocore, Larsen, Jargar, Prim, Corelli, Hill, Obligato, Westminster, Lenzner, Kaplan, Savarez and Augustine -- We even have Vanderbilt, Bow and Premier harp strings!


Kun, Everest, BonMusica, Wolf, FOM, Acousta Grip


D'Addario light and dark, Bernadel, Pirastro, Hill, Andrea, A.B.

Performance and Practice Mutes

Alipine, Artino

Metronomes and Tuners

Sona, Korg, Musedo, Cordoba, D'Addario

Pickups and Preamps

NS Design, Fishman, Fire Eye

Music Stands and Lights

Manhasset, Peak, Mighty Bright

Assortment of Gifts