Instrument Warranty and Trade-In Policy

This warranty and trade-in policy applies only to the original purchaser of an instrument or bow from Blackerby Violin Shop. This policy is not transferable. Only instruments and bows are covered by these terms. Cases and other accessories are not included. 

Instruments purchased from Blackerby Violin Shop will be covered for routine maintenance as well as for any defect of material or workmanship for a period of one year. Any exceptions to this will be indicated on the sales receipt. Please keep your receipt to validate warranty. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, including, but not limited to, worn or broken strings, bow rehairs and worn thumb leathers. After the warranty period, we will perform maintenance or repairs at our usual reasonable rates. Please note this warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse or neglect.

If at any time you wish to trade in an instrument purchased from Blackerby Violin Shop for a more expensive one, you may do so for a credit of up to 100% of the original purchase price. Please note this is a trade-in policy and not an offer from Blackerby Violin Shop to buy back any item. Trade-in credit is only allowed toward the purchase of a more expensive item. RECEIPT MUST BE PRESENTED AT TIME OF TRADE-IN. 

Trade-in credit is only toward a like-kind item, i.e., violin for violin, cello for cello, etc. Your exact credit will be determined primarily by the condition of the instrument at the time of trade-in and is solely the decision of Blackerby Violin Shop staff. Deductions may be made for any damage or wear that was not present when the instrument was originally purchased. Such damage would include worn or scratched varnish, dirt and/or rosin build-up and any other damage or wear that would require Blackerby Violin Shop to perform repairs or maintenance. A set of strings appropriate for the quality of your instrument will be charged against its trade-in value by default. Bows are also covered by this policy; however, a rehair fee and, if necessary, a fee of $45.00 for a new thumb leather will be charged against trade-in credit. Please note that, due to the nature of wear on bows, their trade-in value is often reduced from the purchase price.