Repairs and Restoration


Full Service Repairs for Violin Family Instruments

Blackerby Violin Shop houses a full service repair shop. Our luthiers bring years of experience and training to their work to offer excellent quality repairs at reasonable rates. There are many structural factors that can affect the sound of your instrument. Our luthiers will provide you with a free estimate on any neccessary and suggested repairs. 

 To schedule a repair appointment with our South Location, please call 512-284-8879  

Our repair services include:

  • String installation
  • Bridge replacement and adjustment
  • Soundpost replacement and adjustment
  • Fitting replacements and installations (pegs, tailpieces, chinrests, buttons, endpins, etc)
  • Open seam repairs
  • Minor and major crack repairs
  • Fingerboard and nut repairs and adjustments
  • Cleaning and polishing
  • Varnish touchups
  • Neck projection adjustments
  • Bow repairs including rehairs and tip plate, eyelet, slide, leather and winding replacement
  • Pick-up installation



Bow Rehairs

To schedule a time to drop off a bow for rehair, refer to the instructions above. Please allow 7-10 days for your bow rehair to be completed. See table below for rehair pricing:


   Standard Premium
 Violin/Viola  $65 $75
Cello $70 $80
Bass $80 NA