Customer must present driver’s license or other valid picture I.D. and major credit card at time of rental. 
   Blackerby offers two levels of rental: Protege and Artist. Protege Rental outfit includes instrument, case, fiberglass bow, and rosin . A student-quality wood bow, to be chosen by Blackerby Violin Shop, may be substituted, when available, for a one-time fee of $25.00 - $75.00 (depending on the type of bow). Artist Rental outfit includes instrument, case, wooden bow, and rosin. Guitar rentals at both levels do not require a bow or rosin.  
There is an initial deposit per outfit rented as follows: Protege Level: violin $60.00, viola $90.00, cello $120.00, bass $150.00. Artist Level deposits are twice the amount of Protege Level deposits.  Deposits are equivalent to three months of rent, and are fully refundable upon return of instrument in good condition.  

The rental rates are as follows: 

Protege Level: guitar $15 per month, optional protection $5 additional per month, violin $20 per month, optional protection $5 additional per month, viola $30 per month, optional protection $6 additional per month, cello $40 per month, optional protection $7 additional per month, bass $50 per month, optional protection $8.50 additional per month. 

Artist Level rates require protection, and are as follows: guitar $25 per month, violin $45 per month, viola $66 per month, cello $87 per month.  The shop does not offer an Artist Level bass rental.  The required Protection Plan fees at this level are equal to the Protege Level Protection Plan fees, and do not count towards purchase credit.

A discounted Yearly Plan is available at both Protege and Artist Levels.  The yearly rate is equivalent to 10 months of rent (and protection, if applicable).  No deposit is required, and there are no refunds for early return of a yearly rental.  

Sales tax is not included in the aforementioned rates. Rent is due on the day of the month on which the instrument was first rented, and is considered late seven days after due date.  Accounts that fall three or more months behind may be referred to a collections agency for recovery of past due rent and instrument, and/or a police report may be filed for theft of goods and services.  This action may result in a notice to one or all of the credit reporting agencies.
Credit toward purchase of an instrument is accrued at a rate equal to one-half of your total rental payments for that one instrument. (Payments made toward the “Instrument Protection Plan” and sales tax do not apply.) Please note this is not a rent-to-own plan but a program by which credit is accrued toward the future purchase of an instrument.

If multiple outfits are rented, credit accrued for two or more instruments may NOT be applied toward the purchase of a single instrument. Example: You’ve been renting two violins for six months and therefore have accrued credit of $60 per violin. You may NOT use the $120 combined credit to purchase a single violin.

Rental credit need not be used to purchase the instrument you are renting. It may be used toward an instrument of any size, but of like-kind, in the shop. That is, rental violin credit must be used to purchase a violin, rental cello credit to purchase a cello, etc.

Rental credit may only be used for instrument purchase and not for the purchase of other items in the shop such as bows, cases, or other accessories.  Rental contract and protection plan are valid ONLY in the continental United States.
Accrued credit is forfeited 30 days after a rental instrument is returned. Therefore, credit for purchase is only available while you are actively renting. Blackerby Violin Shop reserves the right to cancel the rental contract at any time and demand the return of the outfit.