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Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, and Classical Guitar Rentals

Blackerby Violin Shop's rental program allows you to rent high quality instruments at affordable monthly rates while accruing rental credit toward the purchase of an instrument. We source our rental instruments from the most trusted manufacturers of student instruments active today.


NORTH LOCATION RENTALS: Please schedule a time to set up a contract and pick up a rental here

SOUTH LOCATION RENTALS: Please call 512-284-8879 to schedule a time to set up a contract and pick up a rental


We offer our customers two levels of rentals. Each includes the instrument, case, bow, and a cake of rosin.

Protege Level

Our Protege rentals are perfect for beginners and those looking for a great sounding instrument at an affordable price. 

Artist Level

Our Artist rentals are ideal for advanced players and those seeking a superior sound. In addition to being a higher level instrument than our Protege option, these instruments come with upgraded strings, case, and bow.

See below for monthly rental rates. A 3 month deposit is required with monthly rental contracts.






Artist (Protection Included)

















 Classical Guitar














Don't know what size instrument you need? View our sizing guide here



Yearly Option

Customers have the option to pre-pay for 10 months of rent to receive 2 months for free! Additionally, yearly rental contracts do not require the 3 month deposit.

Rental Credit

When you rent with us, 50% of your monthly rental payments accrues as rental credit. This credit can be used to purchase an instrument. You are not limited to purchasing your rental. You may choose any like-kind instrument in our inventory (exceptions apply).

Protection Plan

Monthly protection for Protege rentals is optional, but highly recommended. Protection for Artist rentals is required and built into the price. With monthly protection, you will only need to pay a relatively small copay in the event that your rental instrument sustains repairable or non-repairable damage. In other words, you will never pay more than these amounts, no matter the damage. See below for copay amounts.

Protege Copay Amounts

   Repairable Non-repairable
 Violin  $25 $50
Viola $25 $50
Cello  $60 $120
Bass $150 $500
Guitar $25 $50

Artist Copay Amounts

   Repairable Non-repairable
 Violin $50 $100
Viola $50 $100
Cello $120 $240
Guitar $50 $100


Before renting, please read our Rental Terms and Conditions found HERE