The list below is a sampling of our inventory. We are quickly increasing our iventory to bring you more options in more price ranges! Because of this, we are currently unable to keep up with our online inventory listing. To learn about what additional options we have in your price range please give us a call. 

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Violins Under 1,000:

Samuel Eastman



 Jay Haide 101

John Juzek 103

Revelle 500

Santa Margherita Ligure


Violins 1,000-4,999:

Peter Kauffman

Dario Giovanni (SOLD)

August F. Kohr

Krutz 400

Marc Laberte Workshop, 1940s (SOLD)

Pierre Lupot

Jay Haide l'ancienne

Jay Haide l'ancienne Eurowood

Hiroshi Kono

Zoltan (SOLD)

Jay Haide l'ancienne 'Strad Model'

Ravel 800

Zheng Quan 

Sandro Cocco, 2004 (SOLD)

Tomasz Kowalski Workshop, 2021

Andrzej Swietlinsky, 2020 (SOLD)



Violins 5,000-9,999:

Oskar C. Meinel, 1956

Heberlein, 1923

Lillo Salerno Workshop Instrument, 2021

L.D. Bryant, 1908

Auer, 2017

Mirco Tarasconi (SOLD)

Tomaz Kowalski Master Series, 2020

Federico Fiora (SOLD)

Francis Simonin, 1914 (SOLD)

Leon Bernardel, 1932 (SOLD)

Mitch McCarthy, 2016 (SOLD)

Violins 10,000 and Up:

Kenneth Beckmann Workshop Model - 2012

David John Morse, 2006

Pettras Gaggini (SOLD)

Wojciech Topa, 2013

Montada, late 1700s (SOLD)

Georges Cunault, 1881 (SOLD)

Grandjon, late 19th century (SOLD)

Paul Bailly