1. Do you buy instruments? 

We do not purchase instruments from customers. We always accept instruments originally purchased from Blackerby in trade for a more expensive one, for up to 100% of the original purchase price (please contact us or view our Warranty & Trade-In Policy form for details). 

2. Do I need to make an appointment for renting, purchasing, or inquiring about a repair for an instrument?
We strongly encourage you to make an appointment here. While we accept walk-ins (currently North is curbside only) we appreciate customers making appointments. If you do not make an appointment, you may have to wait until a staff member can help you. 

3. Is it better to buy or rent an instrument?


  • We suggest starting out with a rental instrument on our Monthly plan, if your student is just starting out/seeing how it goes. You can always switch to the Yearly plan if you know your child will continue- but with the yearly plan, we cannot refund you anything if you decide to stop before your contract is up. 
  • You can always use your credit to purchase an instrument down the line once you know it’ll be a worthwhile investment, and your child wants to continue playing. 


  • You can certainly purchase a student instrument for your child- just keep in mind that we do not buy back instruments, so if your child decides to stop playing, you cannot sell the instrument back to us. We will always accept instruments purchased from Blackerby in trade for the next size or quality level of instrument, but we do not buy back instruments.

4.  What instruments do you sell, rent and service?
    Violins, violas, cellos, upright basses, and classical guitars

5. Do you offer private lessons at the shop?
    We currently do not offer on site lessons- but we are happy to email you a list of professional local teachers that you can contact!

6. How much are lessons, typically?
   While every teacher has their own pricing based on their experience and level of education, you can typically expect to pay around $1/minute: so about $60 for an hour long lesson.