C2B Test Page

This page is called aeC2BPlan. This page can be used for rentals if you are using a plan code.
It also is a great starting point to see if the C2B Computer is connecting with the website and AIM properly.

If there is a box and a submit button, then the C2B computer is talking to the website.

Rentals Test

If you are using online rentals enter a plan code at the bottom of this page, if you are NOT using a plan code then just hit test rentals.

Test Rentals
Tee Sheets Test

If the schedule is setup in AIM, the results will on the test page.

Test Tee Sheets
Test Repair Estimate

You will see a starting point for collecting  information for an estimate.

Repair Estimate Request
Lessons & Scheduling

You will see a starting point for signing up for lessons.

Group Lessons Private lesson